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Having earned his diploma in Visual Arts – Classic Animation from Sheridan College, Brad furthered his education by specializing in Advanced Softimage at Humber College. Throughout his career, Brad has worked with several different animation studios including Phoenix Animation Ltd, Disney Animation Canada and Nelvana Ltd. Working for those studios he has work with Warner Brothers, Don Bluth and Disney.

Some of his Film credits include A Goofy Movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Space Jam, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Pocahontas 2, and The Little Mermaid 2. Some of his Television credits include Clone High, Rescue Heroes, Committed, Cyber Chase, Sticking Around and Blaster. Brad has experience in project development, designing characters and locations, animating, storyboarding, posing and assisting.


After finishing high school, Moncton-native Jennifer Speiran moved to Halifax where she took 2D and 3D animation and graduated at the top of her class at McKenzie College. Soon after, Jennifer started working at a small video game company in 2001, where she was part of a team of artists who made video games for the PS2, XBOX, PSP, PC and Wii consoles with EA Sports.In 2008, Jennifer accepted a job at Gameloft in Montreal, where she worked with a team to create games for the iPhone.

Though loving the big city experience, she decided to move back to the Maritimes in 2010, and thought of pursuing her interest in teaching as she had considered in high school. Jennifer has been instructing in 3D animation and game animation since October of 2010, and is now the Lead Instructor in the Animation department. She loves the challenge of teaching “up and coming brilliant minds how to create assets for video games.” We are pleased with the specialized experience Jennifer brings to the table as an instructor!