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Campus Location: Fredericton Only

At daVinci we develop the complete digital artist. Students in the 2D Animation and Digital Art program explore real-world projects, time management, teamwork, achieving deadlines and communication. These skills, combined with the highly robust artistic training you will receive, allow you to complete a professional portfolio and demo reel targeting your career goals.

Our 12-month 2D Animation and Digital Art program prepares graduates for work in classical animation, digital animation, character design, interface design, storyboarding, visual communication, digital painting, life drawing, and layout and production.

Animation and Gaming studios are ever expanding resulting in frequent job openings. Roles and responsibilities are constantly evolving in companies and technology is changing. The animation field offers many exciting careers, and after graduation, students can choose to specialize or work in a number of different positions in various industries including:

• Digital Animator

• Interface Designer

• Layout Artist

• Character Designer

• Concept/Storyboard Artist

• Storyboard Clean-up Artist

• Character Clean-up Artist

• Digital Animation Assistant

• Production Assistant

• Background Artist

• Level Designer