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Campus Location: Fredericton & Halifax

Students are immersed in a real production studio setting, where they will experience a hands-on education and instruction by industry professionals. This specialized 3D Animation and Visual Effects program builds a strong foundation in animation skills, from developing concepts, to storyboard creation and on to post-production and special effects.

Our graduates are highly successful with established jobs and find it hard to believe they're paid to do something they love every day!

Our two-year animation program is designed to meet current industry standards and requirements. Students are trained in all of the digital disciplines in constructing animation for game, film and visual effects.

Animation and Games studios have job openings all the time. Job roles and responsibilities are constantly evolving in companies as technology is changing. The animation field offers many exciting careers, and after graduation, students can choose to specialize or work in a number of different segments of the industry such as: 3D animation, 2D animation, Web Designing, Gaming, Multimedia, Advertising, etc.. Positions include:

Character Animator

•Character Modeler

•Technical Artist

•Texture Artist

•Pre-visualization Artist

•Digital Artist

•Lighting Artists

•Concept/Storyboard Artist

•Match Mover

•Compositing Artist & More!