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Skyler Greencorn is a Canadian digital artist from the Maritimes. Heavily inspired by film and game entertainment since a young age and sketching/drawing for even longer, his yearning to apply his creative passion has stemmed into many facets of the industry.

Over his career he has applied his creative skills to a variety of sources but his calling always lied within entertainment. This calling which he now has transformed into passion at Orpheus Interactive, a Video Game development company that focuses on narrative driven titles. He boasts a background in both 2D, 3D, practical and digital mediums; and over 7+ years of digital art experience, not to mention teaching at the daVinci College!


Dylan Edwards has been working for over ten years for the television, feature film and video games industries as a writer, illustrator, storyboard artist, designer, animator, developer, and teacher. He has worked with CBC, DHX Media, Copernicus Studios, and as a freelancer on many productions. Dylan is also co-founder and curator of an annual animation showing in Halifax.