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Campus Location: Fredericton Only

As a student in the Film & Media Production program, you will be immersed in a movie studio setting, learning a wide range of film production techniques. This includes the equipment, skills and protocols necessary to work as a crew member on film, video or television location shoots.

More importantly, you develop as both an artist and an industry professional. Successful grads from this program are storytellers. They have an entrepreneurial and leadership spirit with a drive to challenge themselves and continue learning throughout their career. They are able to express their ideas clearly and hold an insatiable curiosity about the world around them and of all aspects of cinema from film history to film technique to film innovation.

Our Film and Media Production program teaches you the technical side of filmmaking to bring your commercial, movie or documentary idea to life. Equally important, we teach the marketing and managerial skills necessary to launch your career, and students will leave with a film portfolio and website to help you introduce yourself to the work world.

At daVinci, students create a number of polished individual short films that can be entered into film festivals and competitions. You also graduate with a professional demo reel that shows off your best work.

The film industry is vibrant in Canada, and opportunities for filmmakers continue to be on the rise. Our students graduate qualified for starting positions as Camera operators, Lighting technicians, Editors, Production Assistants, Screenwriters and more; but many choose the entrepreneurial path; networking, proposing projects in the Corporate, Dramatic or Documentary worlds, or creating their own projects as an independent Film Producer/Director. The film industry is very unique in that there are many different jobs that are required to create movie magic!