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Jon has always had a passion for creating images. Since 1997, he has worked in the Film & Television Industry in Canada with his most notable work being for HistoryTelevision, CBC Nature of Things, Discovery, Bravo! and The National Film Board of Canada. Jon has worked in many different roles on (and off) the set, including Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Screenwriting and Producing. He works in both dramatic and documentary films. Jon is known for being multi-faceted. da Vinci College is happy to have him as the Department Head for both the Filmmaking and Photography Programs.


Glendon has long had a passion for both film and design, studying film history and theory at York University before working in the design arts, creating interiors, displays, and murals before moving on to production and costume design. Glendon also has written and directed a number of award-winning films of his own. He has also worked as crew on a number of films, both documentary and fiction. Glendon brings his experience and learning to a number of classes at da Vinci College, working to help students understand the workings of visual storytelling.