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daVinci College’s Fredericton campus instructor, Troy Moore, is a native of Fredericton who had an innate passion for designing. Initially, he pursued marine biology at UBC in Vancouver. But soon after realized that designing is what he really wanted in a career. He then decided to enroll in Toronto’s Seneca College and take the Design Arts Program.

After graduation, Troy continued to work in the Toronto area as a freelance consultant until he worked his way up to agency manager. He worked for various clients over the past two decades which has enabled him to become the versatile and well-rounded artist he is today. Among the projects he has worked for includes non-profit healthcare agencies, entrepreneurial startups and financial service firms.

Troy’s numerous projects can be attributed to his love for spatial problem-solving and the visual art. He is very committed in showing that design is an integral part of all business processes today. Throughout the years, his dedication and commitment to his craft has garnered him awards for his works in organizational branding, retail and display, creative strategy, architectural space planning, graphic design and advertising.

Now, Troy is the lead instructor for the Graphic Design & Development Program at daVinci College. We are very glad to have him on board to help equip the students with the leadership and polished skills that they will require to prepare them for a promising career.