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Naomi joined the daVinci team in 2015, teaching courses in the Graphic Design, Fashion, Professional Development and Career Management. Her background is held in fine arts, applied media, communication, social media and graphic design. She graduated her last year of post-secondary school in the late 2000’s, and she holds three different college diplomas from a number of colleges with in the Maritimes.

She has worked for over five years as an instructor, teaching things such as fine arts, computers related studies, career management, life coaching, graphic arts and many more. She believes that teaching and the arts is a calling for her, and her drive is the joy from helping students and clients achieve their goals, and help move them closer to their dreams in both, personal and academic success.

Naomi has a great deal of graphic design experience to share with her new students, to help prepare them for their future careers as designers, multimedia artists and more!