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Campus Location: Fredericton & Halifax

Graphic Designers and Web Developers play an important role in the success of marketing. As a specialized web and graphic designer, you can work in a team, do freelance work, or open your own design company!

We enable designers to build rewarding careers by integrating their knack for creativity with the technical skills required to build a website. Our graduates often work alone or in a team environment to collaborate on dynamic, engaging websites. Students learn to combine their creative flair with technical smarts, cost management, and schedule management to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Upon completion of the program, students possess the skills they need to build their own freelance business or to work in a variety of sectors within the design and web development industry.

Training in both Graphic Design and Web Development opens up a wide variety of diverse career opportunities, including:

Graphic Designer


•Multimedia and Web Designer

•Production Designer

•Web/Graphic Project Manager

•Interface Designer

•UX Designer

•Interactive Designer

•Web Developer & More!