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Campus Location: Fredericton Only

If you’re an understanding, non–judgmental individual interested in working with people and helping others, you could be well-suited to a career as a trained counsellor. Our Human Services programs prepare you to work as a counsellor in addictions, mental health, victims of abuse, at-risk youth and many more. Meet the requirements to enter into private practice or become a certified counsellor.

daVinci College uses a modular system of training. In modular programs, theoretical and practical issues are closely integrated, learning outcomes are clearly defined, and modules are taught one at a time.

•Addictions Counselling

•Introduction to Psychology

•Counselling Skills Level I

•Counselling Skills Level II

•Counselling Skills Level III

•Counselling Special Population

•Individual Counselling Practicum

•Counselling Approaches and Theory

•Counselling Ethics

•Human/Social Services

•Medical and Emergency Practices


•Introduction to Computers

•Field Training

Training aides and certifications are what separates our Counselling Skills course from other diploma programs. Graduates from our program will leave school with certifications in:

•First Aid / CPR Level C

•Suicide Intervention (A.S.I.S.T.)

•Non-violent Crisis Intervention

•Critical Incident Stress Management Level 1

•Infectious Disease Control

•Fire and Life Safety

•Medication Awareness

•Basic Practices and Principles of Personal Care

•Non-aversive Behaviour Change

•Individual Program Planning

•Death Notification

•Self Defense For Professionals

•Bereavement Counselling

•Diffusing Hostilities

•Self Defense for Professionals (P.P.C.T.)