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Corrections & Policing Foundations


Jared was born and raised in the in the beautiful capital city of Fredericton. He attended Fredericton High School, and then graduated from St. Thomas University with a degree in Social Sciences. Jared majored in Criminology, Law, Corrections, and Human Rights, and studied History as well. Jared’s hobbies include kayaking, running, and playing music.

Jared eventually moved to Saint John, NB for a position as a Correction Officer with the Department of Public Safety. Serving as a Correction officer at Saint John Regional Correctional Center (SJRCC), Jared advanced his career in crisis situations, tactical training, medication and health training, and report writing. Jared also served as well in Admissions and as an Operational Support Officer. Jared’s greatest joy is encouraging others to perform at their best, and helping new officers attain their goals.

After serving at SJRCC, Jared moved back to Fredericton to become the Corrections Instructor for the CPF program. As an Instructor, Jared’s commitment is to support each graduate in whatever section of Law Enforcement they end up pursuing.