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Campus Location: Fredericton & Halifax

Are you looking for a rewarding career – one where you can make a difference every day? Do you enjoy helping other animals, both small and large? Do you believe in the importance of high-quality animal care? Consider becoming a Veterinary Hospital Assistant!

Veterinary Hospital Assistants (VHAs) fill a variety of roles: they’re the counsellor, educator and advocate – they’re at the frontline of animal care. Veterinary assisting is a dynamic and fulfilling path for anyone desiring a rewarding career in animal health care.

Our 9-month program provides hands-on training with actual animals and prepares students for the fast-paced, quality-controlled veterinary hospital environment. Under the guidance of experienced industry professionals, our VHA students learn relevant theory and master practical skills using actual field equipment.

Courses include a range of topics: pet first aid, anatomy and physiology, clinical office procedures, nutrition, communications, veterinary medical terminology, dog and cat behavior, fundamentals of dental & surgical procedures, and many more. Classes begin several times per year and typically fill up far in advance.