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Attend an expert audio engineering school to become a trained audio engineer.

audio engineering schoolIf you are looking for a top notch audio engineering school, you’ve come to the right place. daVinci College offers a comprehensive program with hands-on training, practical experience, and industry connections. Learn professional tools and techniques to produce, record, mix, and master music and sound for artists, film, TV, animation, and gaming. Graduate with a portfolio and website to showcase your diverse skills.

Audio engineers operate equipment to record, mix and edit sound, and music for motion pictures, television and radio programs, videos, recordings and live events. They are employed by multimedia companies, film, video and concert production companies, sound recording firms, theatre and dance companies, educational establishments, clubs, hotels, bands, radio stations, television networks and video production and editing companies.

audio engineering schoolStudents train at our studio at daVinci, and take field trips to the Sonic Temple where they can hone their skills. The Sonic Temple is a full-service recording studio in the heart of Halifax, where many prominent bands have recorded and produced award-winning albums. Click here to visit the Sonic Temple website.

Career Opportunities

A Diploma in Audio Engineering will prepare you for the following jobs:

  • Audio engineer – recording studio
  • Audio recording studio operator
  • Audio technician
  • Music or sound mixer
  • Multimedia sound technician
  • Music editor – recording studio
  • Postproduction technician
  • Production sound recordist
  • Recording engineer
  • Sound editor
  • Sound effects specialist
  • and more!


  • Digital Audio Production
  • Music for TV and Film
  • Location Audio for TV and Film
  • Music Management and Marketing
  • Studio Acoustics and Design
  • Live Sound Reinforcement
  • Music Production
  • Recording Studio Maintenance
  • Recording Studio Sessions
  • And more!*

* Click here to see our full list of courses, or click here to meet our Instructors.


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