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Take photography courses to become a professional photographer. Be job ready in 12 months!

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At daVinci College we empower photographers to expand their creativity, enhance their technical skills, and explore both the art and business of photography. This is cultivated in small classes by innovative experts that are highly successful in the industry. We teach our students to be entrepreneurial photographers so they have the confidence and training to follow their chosen career paths.

Our students have a curiosity about the world around them coupled with the ability to capture moments that tell visual stories. This program provides exposure to many different types of photography genres such as portraits, commercial, product, music, fashion, abstract, landscapes, sports, and more!

Photo editor working on computer.This program transforms you from an amateur or hobby photographer who takes ‘good’ photos, to a business-savvy creative, ready for a thrilling career as a professional photographer. As a graduate of this program, you’ll enter the professional world with confidence, armed with a professional-grade print and web based portfolio showcasing the vision, style, artistic direction, and technical expertise that you’ve gained.


Check out some of the courses inn our Photography program.

  • Computer Graphics
  • Observing Light
  • Digital Imaging
  • History of Photography
  • Principals of Photography
  • Portfolio Production Workshop
  • Business of Photography
  • Photographic Categories
  • Professional Development
  • and more!

* Click here to see a full list of courses in our Photography Diploma program.


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