Why daVinci

Top 7 Reasons to Attend daVinci

Here are the top 7 reasons that you should choose daVinci over other colleges.

  1. Class sizes are small
    With small class sizes, you get more quality time with your Instructor, and more precious time training on specialized equipment.
  2. You will work in a professional environment with industry relevant equipment
    Our training goes well beyond textbooks.You’ll train in an environment that reflects your future job, and you’ll train on the same top-notch equipment that your industry uses.
  3. You’ll graduate with an impressive portfolio that will open doors
    In virtually every program, you will be completing projects that will challenge you to master your skills. These projects are then compiled into a portfolio that will knock the socks off prospective employers.
  4. You’ll get networking strategies for employment and apprenticeship opportunities with industry experts
    Skills are one thing…getting that first job is another. We’ll help you network with industry and we’ll help craft your personal image so that you stand out from the crowd.
  5. The training is hands-on and experiential
    At daVinci, your training will be hands-on; you’ll be managing projects just like industry professionals do. You’ll get the full experience of working in your trade and mastering your craft.
  6. Our Instructors are highly successful industry professionals
    You’ll be working with seasoned experts that have flourished in their industry and are passionate about their craft.
  7. We have a Financial Administrator on location to assist with your financial planning
    Managing the money part is a drag. We get it, so we’re here to help.


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